About Us

Hold Dat Team

Hold Dat was founded by a popular Toronto barber & tattoo artist, Zack Morales. Through his years in the barbering world, he realized that some of his clients were coming back with progressively more damaged-looking hair. What he found was that many hair products that his clients were using contained various sulfates and parabens that were damaging their hair and scalp. Knowing this, Zack set about finding a recipe that would nourish and strengthen hair instead of damaging it. 

He experimented with homemade versions before consulting with a team of professionals that helped fine-tune the formula. The end result of that pursuit is Hold Dat’s Classic Pomade. The perfect blend of plant-based ingredients to leave harsh chemicals out and keep hair and skin healthy and nourished. 

Hold Dat is hyper-focused on creating natural, plant-based products, but we also want to preserve the plants and ecosystems that provide us with these fantastic ingredients. To do our part, we have committed to 100% recyclable packaging and zero animal testing in order to limit our footprint on the planet.